Rexalto Inc. has announced the launch of a white label subscription solution for Al Nabooda Automobiles

Rexalto Inc. has announced the launch of a white label subscription solution for Al Nabooda Automobiles

As the new mobility sector in the United Arab Emirates and Middle East continues to experience impressive growth in terms of revenue and user base, digital car sales and rental are playing an increasingly important role in revenue generation. Al Nabooda Automobiles, one of the major players in the automotive market and an authorized dealer of premium brands Porsche, Audi and Volkswagen, has partnered with Rexalto Inc., utilizing their white label IT solution to enhance its position in the digital corporate sales and subscription segment.

Al Nabooda Automobiles requires a comprehensive software solution with extensive customization and localization capabilities to support the expansion of its operations and footprint within Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Through the partnership with Rexalto, Al Nabooda Automobiles will enhance its automated solutions techstack.

Rexalto Subscription platform is fully Business-to-Business compatible. All processes, including local payment gateways, identity check providers, and financial scoring providers integration are tailored for both private and corporate clients. Multi-level subscription management has been implemented, taking into account the security and management requirements. All subscriptions are administered through a convenient customizable dashboard that allows business to monitor the subscription calendar, control the receipt of payments, and manage the life cycles of the fleet, optimizing the revenue stream.

As stated by Loriana Sardar, co-founder, and CEO of Rexalto. “We are extremely proud to be working with Al Nabooda and are thrilled that our expertise in smart mobility and online sales will help strengthen our partner's position in the highly competitive market.”

About Rexalto

Rexalto was established in 2022 with HQ in San Francisco, CA.

Rexalto develops platforms that transform the way people use transportation, to make urban mobility human-centric with technology support. Rexalto portfolio includes digital first fleet management solutions, AI pricing products for the new mobility and a vehicle-sharing platform. Rexalto is currently present in the Middle East and the European markets and is now expanding its operations in the United States.

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